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Government Contracting Bootcamp 2.0 (3) month program

   Next Class: Jan 1st, 2024

The Government has announced even MORE opportunities for small business owners to work with the Federal Government. They have even put new laws in place. This year can be life-changing for small business owners.

The administration is initiating an “all-of-government effort to expand contracting opportunities for underserved small businesses across the country.”

The main goal is to increase by 50% the share of contracts that go to small, disadvantaged businesses by 2026, which will lead to an additional $100 billion for small, disadvantaged businesses over that period, according to the White House.

“Agencies will assess every available tool to lower barriers to entry and increase opportunities for small businesses and traditionally-underserved entrepreneurs to compete for federal contracts,” said the fact-sheet. “The impact could be historic: all told, attainment of the new goal will represent the biggest increase in [small, disadvantaged businesses] contracting since data was first collected more than 30 years ago.”"



The purpose of the GovCon 3 - Month Bootcamp is to help other business owners put their fears aside and help you scale your business!!! The government is the world's largest buyer, and every small business should consider working with the Federal Government. 


Securing one of these contracts can help your company grow tremendously.

Now, it doesn't make sense for every company to bid on opportunities without guidance or help. You have to possess a realistic view of your current operations and what you can feasibly offer. 

Benefits of GovCon & The Program 
  1. Training with Coach Brooks, other Bootcamp Graduates, and other industry leaders 

  2. Strengthen Company Values

  3. Government Contracting Support

  4. Government Contracting Education

  5. Advantages and funding set aside for Female Business Owners

  6. Advantages and funding set aside for Minority Companies

  7. Resources, Tools, Templates & More

  8. In our Government Contracting Program, we're revealing the exact blueprint we used to Win Government Contracts in record time! 

      Here's What's Included:


✅ One live weekly Zoom for two hours: We will go live on zoom once a week. The monthly schedule is released the beginning of each month. In this zoom, we will discuss the weekly training and any updates regarding the government contracting world. 


✅ Training: You will have a portal of 15 weeks of training. All training will be opened at the beginning of class. The training is self-pace. It will include a specific topic in the Government Contracting world. This training is essential to help prepare you for the Government Contracting World. ​​


✅ Workbooks: You will receive a workbook to help you plan, strategize, and think outside the box. 


✅​ Proposal Template: We provide you with Coach Brooks personal templates so you can get an inside look at how she writes her proposals. 


✅ Website Review & Capability Statement Review: We will review and provide feedback on your website and capability statement.


✅ ​Email Support & Private Facebook Group: you will have the opportunity to ask private questions via email. We have a private Facebook group only for bootcamp and mentoring students.



I am not one of those people who will tell you it is easy, but with Support and guidance, you can definitely work with the government. 


Get the Support from one of the best in the game to help you learn how to turn your "raw-competencies" into a Government Contracting business that finally gives you control over your time, income, and impact!


Join our Program today, and we'll give you a custom-made solution on how you can start winning contracts in the next 180 days or sooner.

Upcoming Classes:

Jan 1st 2024

After Signup:

You will receive an email with instructions and your Onboarding Package! Please don't forget to join our private Facebook group. 


What's Included ( Depends on the Tier you sign up for ):

1. (15) Module Trainings 

2. (2) Weekly Live Group Zoom Training Session - 2 hours back to back 

3. Email Support

4. Weekly Workbook

5. Website Review

7. Capability Statement

8. Graduation & Certificate 

9. Opportunity to extend 3 additional months


In just my first month of working with Coach Brooks I was able to increase my funding for my business by four times the amount of what I initially expected prior to engaging her coaching services.  Coach Brooks consistently provides real time, up-to-date information that produces results. For example, in just the few short months of being with her leadership, I was motivated to start two side business in another state that generates continuous income to date beginning the first day of launching both. Keep in mind, these business were not the focus of why I joined her program nor are they distractions to my primary business in which by the way I have made so much progress and is closer to its launch since working with Coach Brooks. 


Coach Brooks is very personable and passionate with her craft and her work ethics proves that she is genuinely here to serve her clients. 


Deniesha P.

Atlanta, GA

My time with coach was very life changing for me. Coach energy was on point in every contact which is contagious.  The meetings were very positive, motivating and self-reflecting which gave me the drive to push harder in my weak areas and believe I can do what needs to be done to achieve at my highest level with accepting failure, setbacks, and disappointments along the way. She will give you a starting point and you would need to put in the work to the finish line with her right there to help when needed. Coach gives out the good, and the bad so we all can WIN!


- Temple

Obtaining a business coach was by far the best investment I have made in business. I have learned a vast amount of information that not only allowed my business to grow but allowed to see that there are so many possibilities for my business. It excites me how excited Coach is when we discuss my business and I know that this is genuine. I feel like I can ask Coach anything without feeling embarrassed and she will provide me with the truth and not something that just sounds good. She is truly a blessing!! Thank you Coach!


-Rhonda Pearson

2024 Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes:

Bootcamp 2.0

Class Starts: Jan 1st 2024

Program Dates: Jan 1st - April 1st

Graduation Date: TBD

  • Will my monthly rate ever change?
    As long as your membership is in good standing during your program dates your rates will not change. If for some reason you leave the program and come back, you will be charged whatever the new rate is at that time of that program.
  • What is your return policy?
    There is no return policy. It’s a monthly membership so as long as you are a member you have access to all the trainings, tools, and resources. When you cancel or default on your membership, you lose access immediately, but there are absolutely no refunds regardless of when you cancel your membership.
  • Will this membership allow me on on one time with Coach Brooks?
    It depends on the tier you sign up for.
  • How will I be charged?
    You are auto billed every month on the exact same day you signed up for 6 months. Your monthly rate will be deducted on the exact same date every month. For example, if you signed up on June 1st, your next payment comes out on July 1st.
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